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What I wish I knew before embarking on my small business journey... (part 1)

I was working full time for the first 18 months of my small business journey. This was a blessing and a curse. I had the security of my full time income when my small business was making little to no money, but I was also incredibly short on time working 38 hours per week for someone else!

I felt like I couldn’t give my small business enough of my TIME to see it flourish and generate a full time income. This was a chaotic time! Every waking minute outside of my 9-5 I spent doing all the “business things” I thought I was supposed to be doing as a small business owner. I kept saying, “I’ll put in the time now, and reap the reward later.” However, later didn’t come before burnout did.

What I realised then, is that I needed help. Help from someone who had been there, done that. Someone who could fast track my business and its success. So I started looking into business coaching programs. I thought with an expert guide and mentor I’d be able to reach that end goal of leaving my full time job and generating what I considered to be a full time income in my small business.

… then I saw the price of business coaching programs 😮‍💨

What a shock that was to the system. Investing nearly my entire small business income per month into a coaching program that I was unsure could get me to my goal.

This is when I started doing some work around my money mindset and money beliefs. I ended up investing in a coach, and like everyone says, it was the best thing I could have done for myself and my small business.

Although investing in high-ticket programs is scary, know that big investments come with big energy shifts. The reason why I’ve grown so much is because I’ve always invested before I was ready. I leap. I take the dive. I do the work. I jump in.

And to get ahead in this crazy business, it’s safest to learn from someone who already knows the road ahead and is consistently backing themselves and investing big, too.

If you’re looking for someone that will be your friend and kick your butt when you need it - I’m here!

I’m someone who refuses to stop growing while mentoring others to do the same for themselves.

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