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So here's the deal

If your 2024 plans look something like this...

• blowing up on socials and creating a community around your message.

• growing a business that you can run from anywhere in the world (taking calls from a beach club in Bali? Or let's be honest... working from home, in your comfiest Lorna Jane's with your dog in your lap).

• quitting your 9-5 because you scaled that little business of yours to $10K months.

... then you will LOVE this.

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What's included in your membership?

+ Monthly LIVE webinars

Learn from the best with our online masterclasses.

+ Monthly online member meet-ups

Monthly online member meet-ups to not only ask questions but also grow your network and feel connected.

+ On-demand webinar library

Learning and development on-demand with access to our video library of masterclasses (now on teachable).

+ Access to Templates

Use my plug and play captions, social media growth and sales strategies or reels blueprints to improve your reach, engagement and SALES! 

+ Present a Masterclass or Share your Story

The opportunity to pitch your own Masterclass Online, share your story or promote your business.


So you're in? Of course you are.


Now on teachable

We are going to be continually uploading and refreshing the content in Selling On Socials.

Each time we find a new piece of content that we think will be really relevant to Selling On Socials, we will upload it to teachable for you.

The modules are going to continue to increase as we host monthly webinars and meet with other thought leaders and experts who can provide different perspectives.

If we start to do something new on our social media that we are really noticing is working and moving the needle then we are committed to coming in here and sharing that with you.

Is this membership for me?

Great question. Let me go over the 4 types of people Selling On Socials is for so you can figure out if it's a fit...

+ You don't know where to start

Selling On Socials is for you is for you if you’re an entrepreneur-to-be who is armed with a killer idea for a product or service, but you have no idea what to do next. You're excited to learn more about business so you can get your first product/service out into the world.

+ You aren't making enough sales

Your business is filled with more stress than success. Your product/service is not the problem… your problem is making money from them. You can’t seem to hit your revenue goals no matter what and how hard you try, and you’re ready for that to change – ASAP.

+ Your business is working but you're exhausted

You’re making sales but the problem is, you’re completely and utterly... mentally and physically... exhausted! All the time! You’re looking to find a better way of doing things. It has to be easier than this, right?!

+ You feel like you've burnt out your current audience

Your sales were going so well... until they weren’t anymore, when you realised you’d sold your product/service to almost everyone in your audience. You want to keep the momentum going and to get bigger and better than ever before… but you’re not sure how to do that.


... to sum things up real quick: Selling On Socials IS for you if you have a coaching, membership, service-based or product-based business AND you’re looking to grow to the next level of revenue in 2024.

Membership options

Join our membership

Selling On Socials


Every month

What results you can expect

Let's time travel to your new reality once you join Selling On Socials.

+ Your best results yet

We'll show you exactly what you need to do to make sure you see profitable results. This is totally possible without having to hire new team members, outsource to contractors, or add more bells and whistles to your business. Let's simplify in order to amplify, ok?

+ No more exhaustion

Building a business doesn't need to go hand in hand with burnout, and we've got all the tips and tricks you need to change the way you do business, forever. Oh, and you'll definitely be feeling abundant enough to airplane-mode your phone, book a bougie spa day, and toast your success with a glass of champagne, btw - more stress doesn't equal more sales, trust me!

+ Sold out offers

Imagine waking up one day and realising that you've sold out every single thing you had? We're going to walk you step by step through the framework you need to make sold out offers your new normal. Instead of getting anxious or upset about not hitting your goals again, you can put your feet up, pour yourself a nice almond milk latte (or something stronger) and proudly watch all the puzzle pieces finally falling into place.

+ A like-minded community

You're surrounded by a group of like-minded, high achieving humans that support, hold & celebrate you every step of the way. No more having to go at it alone over here!!

+ Unwavering long-term mindset

You have unwavering, long term mindset AND strategic support whilst you scale your business to new levels with mentors who truly give a shit about your experience.


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