It's my mission to help female Coaches create content strategies to attract their niche, establish their expertise and build their brand through Mind Body Business.
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I was putting in the time with no consistent results after working with two different business coaches over the last year.


Kate is such a Queen in the work she offers, this past month I have been able to efficiently fast track my business successful through social media. And I now enjoy using this platform, finally! I’ve become super clear with who my niche is and who my ideal client is and learnt how to communicate with my clients & followers online. This was a game changer for me.


Kate has helped me tweak a few other things related to the algorithm of Instagram (which I had no idea about). I’m forever grateful.


- Mel 


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Level up your business by engaging in my one on one Content & Social Media Growth Program. I’m here to help you grow your audience with dream clients and scale your business!

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Over 20 hours of methods & business secrets I personally use PLUS activities and my support and guidance to directly apply them to your business! 

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From Self Care to Soul Retreats, my events will encourage you to look at what self-care means in regards to the mind, body and spirit connection to understand the need for balance in our lives.



We only had our idea for a business when we first started with Kate and with her support and guidance we were able to step out of our comfort zone and turn our idea into reality. We have grown our instagram community and are almost ready to launch our first product and this wouldn’t have happened without Kate’s program.


Kate’s program was tailored to our specific needs and the way she shared her content through her masterclasses and her support zooms was very beneficial. We would recommend this program to all babes in business who want to start or even grow and expand their already established business.

- Holistic Sisters Mind & Body


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The Strip Podcast

So the big question is this: How do people like us, who have belief systems embedded in our subconscious mind by the age of 6 (belief systems that create our experiences, affect how we feel, who we are and how we behave), how do we strip our beliefs that are limiting and expand into success? That is the question, and I'm here to give you the answers. My name is Kate Astill, and welcome to The Strip.



About me

Thank you so much for checking out my website – I realise that’s a choice you’ve made and I’m so happy you did!

I'm Kate founder of Mind Body Business.


You'll find me on Instagram @kateastill_


In my Facebook Society for Success

Or on my Podcast, The Strip.

I'm in the business of helping female entrepreneurs create content strategies to attract clients, establish their expertise and build there brand. To do this I help you strip what's holding you back so you can expand into success (whatever this looks like for you). I'm a believer that your possibilities are endless and you can do anything you set your mind to.

I'm a Creative and I specialise in helping women grow their business (and income). But I am so much more than that. Here are the basics - I'm half Australian, half American. I love Diet Coke and peanut butter, my ideal holidays are full of blue seas and white sand.

Want a bit more? Ok. I'm passionate about creating opportunities for growth.


I am the cheerleader for every client I work with, no matter where they are in their journey. 

I routinely talk about self-care, mine and yours. I will talk about this on my social platforms at any given time.

Sometimes I repeat myself - for example, you can't pour from an empty cup - and this is because I'm passionate about you caring for you first. When a flight attendant goes through the safety briefing, they always instruct you to put on your oxygen mask first! Remember this next time you're feeling depleted.

I hope you get a chance to get out my Facebook Group - Society for Success. It's perfect if you're after proven strategies to attract your ideal clients, or if you're looking to strip limiting layers or expand into success.

I'd love to get to know you a bit better, but it only works if you let me know a little bit about you. I truly want to know what your goals are, whether it be health and wellness, business or personal. Send me a direct message on Instagram. I look forward to connecting!