Hey, I'm Kate.

I'm a yoga teacher and holistic business coach. It's my mission to help entrepreneurs up level their brand through social media & marketing strategies. 

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Mind Body Business

Let's be real. You're an expert at what you do. Your clients get incredible results & every single time you get off a call you're not surprised by the leaps & bounds they are making.


You can feel the impact you have with them & you know you're only just getting started. You really want to help people and you know you are destined for more... but you don't understand the branding, marketing and business side of things.


You've worked with business coach's before. Had to push aside your intuition while taking on their "expert" advice to market your offer in a way that didn't align with you or how you want to run your business. You were left feeling yucky, burnt out and overwhelmed.

The clients you're currently working with are AMAZING... but you want to start focusing more on what you enjoy doing in business and less on worrying about where your next client is coming from.


& you know what? I see it all the time...

Incredibly talented coaches muting their intuition for the hundredth time, losing their voice and belief they can sell their offers organically to their highest end audience.

Imagine this for a sec...

  • You are finally able to channel through high-end copy that ethically speaks directly to your highest end audience members that are ready to work with you & has them asking for the link

  • You have the blueprint to an offer suite that sets you up for sustainable high cash months (we aren't about get rich quick schemes that burn you out over here)

  • Feel clear & confident in your prices, & have the support you need to sell all of your offers on repeat, & at the same time if you desire!

  • You feel like an absolute authority in your niche, with elevated branding, killer confidence in your message, & absolute trust in the plan you have to scale your business to the next level

  • You're surrounded by a group of like-minded, high achieving humans that support, hold & celebrate you every step of the way. No more having to go at it alone over here!

  • You have unwavering, long term mindset + strategic support whilst you scale your business to new levels with a mentor who truly gives a shit about your experience.

Sound like what you desire?


Exclusive Services

If you're a bold entrepreneur who values strategy, premium aesthetics and design, you've come to the right place. Our team's mission is to bring your brand to life on social media by pairing proven strategies with top-notch design, while delivering an elevated client experience.

Strategic Consultation

For entrepreneurs looking to learn how to successfully position themselves on social media and maximize it as a marketing tool for their brand. Intensives are 60 minutes and include a social media audit and actionable recommendations.

Investment starts at $395.


Social Media Mentorship

For current and aspiring social media service providers looking to work with a mentor who will provide guidance around brand positioning, client attraction and management, services and pricing, and best practices to build and scale a sustainable and profitable social media business or agency. Mentorship sessions are 60-minute intensives where we cover any topic(s) of your choice.

Investment  $295


Instagram Management

For brands looking to have their social accounts managed by an experienced social media strategist who will become a partner and will create content to elevate their marketing, support their business goals, and successfully attract their ideal audience. 

Social management plans include strategy sessions, content creation, hashtag research, community management and analytics reporting. 

Investment starts at $1795 per month.


Brand + Product Photography

For brands looking to revolutionize and elevate their presence across all digital platforms with high-quality imagery. Our brand and product photography will  provide you with on-brand content for months.

Investment starts at $449 per session.


Logo + Brand Kit

Branding is an important part of any business. It helps customers identify your business and your products or services. When done correctly, branding can create a strong emotional connection with customers, which can lead to loyalty and increased sales.


Investment starts at $499.


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