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but now it feels like it's doing the opposite...

You opened your business for...


And you're so ready to wake up to 'cha-chings' from your offers, go on vacation and get a 10K deposit and finally have a system that allows you to work less.

You're not alone my own personal "I'm done" moment was when I was working 9 to 5 for someone else, busy starting my side hustle and I was READY for my time freedom back.

And you know you were meant for something bigger but you just don’t know how to get there.


And here's what I learnt

When you decide you are done, the teacher appears.

When it does,  you will know. It feels like a hell yes, a knowing, or a feeling pulling you to it.

When you are willing to go all in on you, you see results.

IMG_8149 3_edited.jpg

Today my students get the same results

• Manifesting effortlessly.

• Creating an iconic online presence.

• Choosing an easier way to do business, make passive revenue AND spend more time doing what they love with the people they love.


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IMG_8149 3_edited.jpg

Meet Kate

Kate Astill is a thought leader and energetics business and mindset coach who educates freedom seeking femprenuers on how to come home to their worthiness, clarity, and wealth empowerment through high level thought work, energetic strategies and quantum mechanics. 

Kate not only helps you expand your wealth container but supports you in packaging up your area of genius into a revenue path. Say hello to your brand new online education that is making you money when you sleep! By the end of working with Kate, you will feel worthy of coming home to your birthright of being wealthy, manifesting cash flow left and non stop payment notifications while getting a massage or playing with your kids!


How to work with me

+ Mind Body Business

Unlock the secrets to a magnetic business & skyrocket your income.

Use my successful framework to:

  • Get clear on who you serve.

  • What you offer.

  • The exact behind the scenes of how I scaled from 2k months to a six-figure business.

+ Selling On Socials 


A monthly membership for women who want to build an iconic online presence.

What's included in your membership:

  • Monthly LIVE webinars 

  • Monthly online member meet-ups

  • Access to social media templates

+ more.​

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