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The Most Common Mistakes on Instagram Business Accounts

Could some of these be you...

  1. Using trends as strategy to grow.

  2. No keywords in reels or captions

  3. Self-serving content that only sells

  4. Not listening to their audience

  5. Obsessing over an engagement strategy

  6. Not grabbing attention immediately with reels

  7. Not humanising their brand

Don't sweat it, it's been me before too. We're here to learn right!?

1. Using trends is not a strategy : they can be useful when used sporadically and if they scream out to you as being a great way of emphasising something about your niche. But stop chasing them to fit into your brand. When you're constantly regurgitating trends, your business becomes white noise - you're not giving people anything they haven't heard a thousand times already before on the explore page. Use them sparingly!

2. SEO is the future of social media. Keywords are so so important in your reels text AND captions. Don't use another app to write your text because those keywords MATTER and the algorithm can't help show your content to the right people if it's not registering the text you've written!

3. You need to be adding VALUE - educate, inspire, motivate, entertain, relate (all of that helps you sell). If you're constantly ramming your products down everyone's throats, you're acting like the equivalent of those people on the high streets with the flyers, who you try to avoid!

4. LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN. It's not all about us, the business owner. We are serving our audience. Yes, of course we matter but we need to listen to our audience and understand their struggles, in order for our content to appeal to them!

5. Engagement is important, yes. But please stop killing yourself attempting to maintain engaging for 30 mins before you post and 20 mins after etc. if you can, great! But let's be real here, as business owners, it's not likely you're going to have the time to do that every single day! This shouldn't be taking priority over your actual content!

6. It's not compulsory to watch a reel; so if people aren't immediately intrigued, they won't. Simple as that. If you're starting your reels and it's unclear what the subject is, where it's going, what's happening etc. this could be a reason why your reach is low!

7. The best advantage you have in marketing is your humanity. Play to that. Be relatable. Don't hide yourself away behind graphics and memes.

Have you found this helpful? Let me know in the comments.

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