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Meet Kate - Founder of Mind Body Business

Kate is a Social Media and Online Business Coach who has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs sell their products and services online. She is an expert in branding (including photography) and content strategy. Kate aims to position you and your products online to attract your niche who are eager to spend money with you.

Kate walks her talk; everything she trains on is used in her personal business. This is how she knows it works; with an impressive following and an engaged audience, her client list is ever growing.

Kate started as a coach in the health and wellness space. She is also a yoga and meditation teacher, event facilitator with experience in self-care, manifestation and sound healing.

Soon after starting her small business, Kate experienced overwhelm and difficulty finding new clients. Diving back into study she bridged her gap in knowledge and discovered it wasn't just her who was struggling with the business side of business. It's here she pivoted to what she does today.

Launching in September, her Mind Body Business course is designed to help business owners navigate through feelings of discomfort and get them moving towards optimum performance - in every aspect of their business (and life).

The course includes self-paced modules that will see businesses thrive. With daily activities, business owners will feel accountable and ready to excel.

Mind Body Business is set to launch next month, and Kate couldn’t be more excited. This is where all your branding, creation and self-care needs meet in one place.

If you’re ready to step into your business as your higher self and truly attract your niche, Mind Body Business is for you. This small business coaching course is a game changer and certain to set you up for success. Kate genuinely wants you to succeed which is why she’s offering LIFETIME access to weekly support sessions and monthly webinars.

Until the end of August, Kate is also offering Mind Body Business at a 50% discount. If you’re ready to elevate your business and your life, the time to act is now. Sign up today and let’s propel your business into its most successful stage yet -

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