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4 Ways to Optimise Your Instagram Bio, Boosting Your Brand, Leads and Ultimately, Sales!

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

When an ideal customer or dream client comes across your Instagram page (or any social media account) you want them to instantly know:

  • They are your ideal client or dream customer

  • You can help them get to their desired outcome

  • What they’re next steps are to working with you

How you can achieve this… through your INSTAGRAM BIO!

Here are 4 ways to OPTIMISE your Instagram Bio (It’ll take you 15 minutes MAX. If it takes you longer than this send me a dm).

By optimising your bio, you will boost your brand (and followers), generate more leads and ultimately, sales of your products and programs.

So let’s get started!

  1. First things first, your Instagram name. Since you created your account, Instagram has extended the amount of characters you can use in your Instagram name. You can now include your Name AND Job Title. This is also searchable on Instagram. If your ideal clients searches “Nutrition Coach” and this is in your title, your profile will appear! (Go give this a try). The days of hashtags are gone!

  2. Username: Make sure this is easy to spell and RELEVANT to you or your business.

  3. Profile picture: You can use your business logo or a picture of yourself. If you’re using a business logo, DON’T pop your landscape image in a square with blank space above and below. Make sure you have a 1:1 (square) and 16:9 (landscape) logo. Use a high quality image. If you’re using an image of yourself, make it stand out! Remove the original background and replace with a brand colour or pattern. Add a circle around the image to give a cool effect when you add stories.

  4. Your bio: This needs to CLEARLY and SPECIFICALLY state WHO your niche is, WHAT you help them do and HOW you do it. Don't be vague. E.g. I help you (who is you?), lead a more balanced life (what does this mean?) through my 1:1 coaching program. DON'T do this. Be MORE specific and clear. E.g. I help Mum's on maternity leave build an online business from home using social media. This second example is clear about who it helps, what it helps them do and how it helps them do it! Don't use more than 4 lines, anything longer generates a "read more" button (which people don't click, in turn missing out on valuable info). In your last line (line 4) include a CTA (Call to Action). This is commonly a prompt to have your clients click the URL link below your bio. For example, “Book a free discovery call today” with a link to book into your calender or “Download my free guide to eating gluten and dairy free here” with a link to a landing page on your website.

Let me know if you’ve found this helpful in the comments.

If branding and content is something you’d like to enhance across your platforms book a discovery call with me today. I have 2 x 1:1 spots available for Health and Wellness Coaches. Once these are filled I will not be taking more clients until after SEPTEMBER!

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