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3 Things to Consider When Creating Content

Spending 3 hours on Canva creating the perfect tile is NOT the best use of your time as a small business owner. Neither is miming to trending audio for a reel if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

When it comes to creating content, for many small business owners it can be overwhelming. Instead of taking time to build a content strategy, they end up posting for the sake of posting. No strategy, no consistency, NO VALUE. When sharing content, if you don’t add value to your niche, it’s pointless and time-wasting.

More than likely, supportive friends and family will drop some love on your post, maybe a comment or two, giving you this false sense of belief that your content is landing with your ideal clients.

Ultimately, you, as the business owner, loses valuable time, your audience doesn’t grow with ideal clients and neither does your client list!

So next time, before posting for the sake of posting, consider these 3 things:

  1. Who is your niche? Niche down when it comes to your content. When our niche is large, vague (or non-existent), our content is unlikely to speak to anyone. So many Health and Wellness Entrepreneurs want to cater to “women” or “mums”, however these are still quite large niches! Creating content that speaks directly to EVERY woman or EVERY mum is difficult. When we identify a niche we want to IMPACT, e.g. “female IIN Nutrition Coaches” or “women on maternity leave”, we can create content that is going to add specific value to them! This will assist in building that client-brand relationship & in attracting your ideal clients over to your account to view that VALUABLE content!

  2. What is your niche struggling with? What is keeping them up at night? When we can answer a question they commonly ask themselves or solve their problem, WE. ADD. VALUE. Again, building followers and relationships.

  3. Lastly, what does your niche desire? What is the outcome they’re searching for? What do they ultimately want? Let me tell you not, it’s NOT your program. It’s never going to be your program. What they want is the RESULTS your program provides. ❌ STOP ❌ flooding your grid with posts about WHAT you offer, about what BONUSES your program has and about all the FREE extras. Instead, start posting about the result offer provides!

Let me know in the comments if this has helped you with content creation ⬇️

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