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Work with me.


It's my mission to help female Coaches create content strategies to attract their niche, establish their expertise and build their brand through my 10 week program.


I was putting in the time with no consistent results after working with two different business coaches over the last year..


Kate is such a Queen in the work she offers, this past month I have been able to efficiently fast track my business successful through social media. And I now enjoy using this platform, finally! I’ve become super clear with who my niche is and who my ideal client is and learnt how to communicate with my clients & followers online. This was a game changer for me.


Kate has helped me tweak a few other things related to the algorithm of Instagram (which I had no idea about). I’m forever grateful.


- Mel 

Work on laptop

What would it feel like to...

  • Not be overwhelmed at the thought of posting on social media

  • Have a sense of clarity around what content to post to engage and connect with your audience

  • Strategies to have your audience consistently gravitate to your products and services

  • Sell out products + services as soon as they launch

  • Have time to do the things you love in business + life

  • Have mental clarity around how to achieve your goals

It's ALL possible with this program. I'll show you how! 


We only had our idea for a business when we first started with Kate and with her support and guidance we were able to step out of our comfort zone and turn our idea into reality. We have grown our instagram community and are almost ready to launch our first product and this wouldn’t have happened without Kate’s program.


Kate’s program was tailored to our specific needs and the way she shared her content through her masterclasses and her support zooms was very beneficial. We would recommend this program to all babes in business who want to start or even grow and expand their already established business.

- Holistic Sisters Mind & Body



You became a health coach because you love health + wellness… and now you want to help other people experience the same amazing transformation, right?

So why does it feel so hard to get people to sign up for your programs or buy your products?!

It’s frustrating to scramble every month to find clients. It can feel like you spend all your time marketing and selling your health and wellness business, rather than doing the health coaching work you love. It makes you wonder how to get health coaching clients for your growing business?!

First, know that you’re not alone. Although you might think you need more health coaching skills (or other natural health training) to boost your business, the reality is that if you’re not filling your calendar, you need brand, content and marketing help.


You’ve come to the right place!

I was so excited to launched my first holistic group coaching program. I knew from my life experience and skill set in meditation and yoga I had so much to offer women who were suffering from burnout or who had lost their sense of purpose.

I launched the program on my socials, and heard silence. No one signed up. I thought the reason why women didn't sign up must have been because of me and my program. It really hit a nerve. I had limiting beliefs starting to come up around worthiness and my overall belief in myself and vision for my business.

After some much needed reflection, I dived back into study and research, spending thousands and thousands of dollars learning brand and marketing secrets from successful entrepreneurs.


I learnt the reason why my program had failed had nothing to do with me or the program I offered. I didn't have a solid foundation, brand or content strategy for my business.

This is what I'm here to teach YOU!


Plant Mirror Reflection


Book in a free discovery call, I get to know you and if we're a great match we'll get you onboarded.  

Office Work Desk


4 x 60 minute private ZOOM sessions per month with voice & text support in between. 

Working From Home


A toolbox of amazing custom resources to fast track your results. 

Plant Mirror Reflection



  • 1 x 120 minute strategy session

  • 11 x 60 minute 1:1 zoom calls

  • An additional 1-2 hours of content creation per week

  • Voice support between sessions

  • A toolbox of resources

  • Content templates

3 x $1667


  • 1 x 120 minute strategy session

  • 11 x 60 minute 1:1 zoom calls

  • An additional 1-2 hours of content creation per week

  • Voice support between sessions

  • A toolbox of resources

  • Content templates

1 x $4999


Got questions? Here are a few things that my clients and customers ask, along with my responses! If you've got more questions, don't hesitate to email me at

What are my payment options?

Understanding everyone's financial situations are different, I have 2 options for payment, total upfront or 3 x monthly payments.

Your desired result is just 10 weeks away. Don't wait another second to make it your reality!

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